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Umbilical Hernias

Umbilical Hernias develop in and around the area of the umbilicus. The umbilical hernia is common among newborns and often heal themselves by the age of 3. In afflicted adults the hernia gradually increases in size and cannot heal without surgery.


The umbilical hernia appears as a bulge or lump in the belly button area. These hernias will become painful if strangulation occurs, when this happens surgery is needed.


An umbilical hernia results from weakness beneath the navel caused by obesity, heavy lifting, a long history of coughing, or multiple pregnancies.


An incision under the umbilicus is created and the hernia is isolated. The hernia sac is returned to its proper position in the abdomen and a mesh is used to cover the hole in the muscle. Due to the close proximity to the navel, the scar is hidden in the normal folds of the belly button.

Because of the minor incisions performed around the umbilicus laparoscopic repair is not an option.

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