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Different Types of Hernias

There are a number of different types of hernia that we treat at the Hernia Repair Centre. Abdominal hernia repairs make up the majority of hernia surgery we perform but you can refer to the list below for more information about many other hernias we treat.

Inguinal Hernias

Occurs in groin area & accounts for more than 90% of hernias; affect more men than women and particularly common in middle aged men. 

Femoral Hernias

Occurs high on thigh & more common in females; can lead to strangulation of herniated section of bowel if not treated 

Umbilical Hernias

A muscular weakness near navel; occurs mostly in newborns or overweight woman or those who have had several pregnancies 

Incisional Hernias

A type of abdminal hernia that can occur in areas of previous abdominal surgery due to flaw/weakness in abdominal wall

Hiatus Hernia

This type of hernia occurs  when a section of oesophagus and stomach protrude through hole near diaphragms weakest point into chest cavity

Spigelian Hernias

 These types of hernia occur along the edge of rectus abdominal muscle, several inches to side of middle of abdomen

Epigastric Hernias

These hernias occur between the navel and lower part of rib cage in the middle of the abdomen.

Obturator Hernias

A protrusion from pelvic cavity through opening in pelvic bone; it is most common in women & difficult to diagnose since no bulge, but can act like a bowel obstruction