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Hernia Surgery

How is the operation arranged?

During the first consultation if it is determined that hernia surgery is required, the date and time will be chosen and scheduled. Depending on any complications, the time for surgery could be a week away or longer if additional steps need to be taken such as ceasing blood thinning medications.

The hospital requires a pre-admission form be completed which is submitted to the hospital on your behalf. You may also need to sign a financial consent form to indicate your understanding of possible costs.

Before your surgery the surgeon will discuss with you any further enquiries you have and confirm that you understand the procedure and what is required.

What about my health fund?

If you are privately insured you will need to confirm with your fund that you are covered for the procedure required and confirm whether any excess is payable. You will also need to confirm that there are no waiting periods as many funds impose up to 2 years waiting time if you have only recently taken out health cover. You should also confirm that you are not excluded under a pre-existing condition.

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What happens on the day of my surgery?

Unless told otherwise, you won’t be able to consume food or drink from midnight the previous night before your operation.

We will ask you to come in earlier than your scheduled time to allow you time to go through the admission process and to meet with the Anaesthetist. Please feel free to bring something to read with you, but we do endeavour to not keep you waiting too long.

You will see the Surgeon prior to your hernia surgery and will discuss with the Anaesthesist the type of anaesthetic you will be having.

What about recovery?

If you have had only a light sedation, after your hernia surgery you will go to first stage recovery where you are monitored whilst still lying down. You won’t need to stay for a long time, only long enough to ensure you are well. Once the wound has been checked you will be moved to the next stage where you can have light refreshments. Once you are able to, you will sit in the recovery area until you are ready to go home.

The whole process may take only 3 – 4 hours.

What happens when I go home?

You will need someone to drive you home for rest the first day, only getting up for essential tasks such as going to the toilet. You need to have somebody with you in case you feel faint. You won’t feel pain initially but may require some painkillers once the local anaesthetic wears off.

You may be required to telephone the surgeon the following day to confirm you are well and ask any questions about issues of concern to you. 

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