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Possible Complications

Pre Surgery Complications

Complications from hernias can be quite serious if not addressed promptly with the appropriate solution. Complications include:

  • Strangulation of the herniated organ which can lead to bowel obstructions. Men with Inguinal Hernias can suffer damage to their testicles if the hernia becomes strangulated.
  • Gangrene - where the tissue dies and putrifies.
  • Peritonitis - an inflammation of the lining of the abdominal cavity.

Post Surgery Complications

The most common complications after hernia surgery would be a seroma which most often occurs with a large direct hernia leaving some space where fluid can accumulate in front of the repair.   This is usually described by the patient as a bulge with no associated pain.  This is resolved easily by aspirating the fluid with a needle, which can be performed in our clinic.