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So you have a Hernia

Hernias are relatively common. You may realise you have something wrong and commence your own research and come to the conclusion that you have a hernia before seeking assistance from a GP, or you may have found out you have a hernia during a routine checkup or having tests for other medical symptoms.

Symptoms & Diagnosis of Hernias

Hernias symptoms vary from person to person. Some people may experience no obvious affects from a hernia whereas others may have quite a deal of pain and discomfort.

This is why in many cases you may not feel the impact of a hernia and you may opt to put off treatment for the hernia. This may lead to more serious issues related to the herniation such as strangulation and bowel obstruction, so the decision to not have a hernia operation shouldn't be made lightly.

The Hernia Procedure

Often the concern is how long until you can return to normal duties. The good news is that our clinic is at the leading edge of hernia repair, with many carried out using the laparoscopic hernia repair method. 

Opting for laparoscopic repair means a much faster return to work. Those that perform sedentary duties can return to work in about 3 days and those performing manual labour duties are able to return to normal responsibilities within 2 weeks; although, this may vary for each patient.

We will be happy to answer any questions and will be pleased to be your surgeon of choice to assist you in your repair and recovery. Further information about the steps in the process to recovery are available in the menu to your right.

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