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After Hernia Surgery Follow Up

What could go wrong in the first days?

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It is highly unlikely you will experience any problems after the hernia surgery. You may notice some outside swelling or bruising around the affected area. This usually subsides in around a week without any ongoing complications.

Pain killers should be utilised for any pain in the initial stages, side effects of these should be carefully monitored.

You will be given instructions on how to change your dressing. We usually prefer to leave it alone as it is waterproof and is unlikely to be disturbed. If you see more than a small amount of blood under the dressing then you should let us know but a small amount is considered normal.

When do I come back for an appointment?

We may request you return one week after the surgery so the surgeon can check the wound and discuss any concerns.

You will be asked questions to complete the procedure and a letter will be sent to your GP outlining what has transpired.

Your dressing will be changed and the swelling and bruising checked.

Post-operative care will be discussed and return to work plan assessed. We will also discuss the return to other activities such as low and high impact sports.

Are there any long term effects?

It is highly unlikely there will be any severe ongoing problems. Issues such as blood clots from remaining stationary and rarely retention of urine may be problems but these are extremely rare.

How soon can I get back to normal duties?

You should aim to mobilise as quickly as you are able, but beware of any pain and don’t rush it. When standing up, do so slowly and carefully and be careful about feeling faint from medications or being immobilised.